Ceo & Founder Brandie Benson

CEO and Founder, Brandie Benson has used hardships and struggles to empathize with poverty-stricken people of today. She has worked hard to mark her brand "21 Days of Greatness" in hopes to help anyone fighting through the life barriers that we all encounter. Brandie was determined to make 21 Days of Greatness an organization that holds no demographic and is open to anyone who is in need. Brandie's passion for helping people comes from a deep understanding that hardships do not discriminate. They occur to all walks of life from young to old, male or female. Her heart is set on giving people an extra guided hand to help encourage them through tough times as well as restoring the faith of individuals whose faith may be wavering. Growing up, Brandie expressed that if she had a little extra help, it would have made her hectic journey through college a little more comfortable. Herself and her team have put their stories and life experiences together to come up with a solution that gives relief to everyday people and families in need. 21 Days of Greatness is a vision put into a reality that will encourage many to be great and never lose faith.

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As this organization is not yet 501(c)(3) qualified, no donations are tax deductible at this time. All money donated to this organization is solely used to help recipients.